Last updated: February 11, 2021

Mind and brain

For general background, reading Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain by Bear et al. Very interested in consciousness specifically - have explored Morsella et al’s passive frame theory and some of the thoughts of Metzinger, Chalmers, and Seth. Curious about Hoffman and Prakash’s interface theory of consciousness.


Recently had my understanding of epistemology clarified by David Deutsch’s Beginning of Infinity. Currently reading Popper.


Started organizing a set of “salon” conversations on a variety of intellectual and personal topics. Some context here, along with an interest form.


Trying to put more of my thoughts and interests out there, on this site, Medium, and Substack.


Been meditating for a few years, mostly through the Waking Up app. Wrote some tenets of my practice. Currently exploring Koan practice with Henry Shukman. Also enjoy Diana Winston’s natural awareness.


Especially interested in understanding React, Typescript, and SCSS, really well, in order to make beautiful and performant web apps. Loved Kevin Powell’s responsive design bootcamp and currently working my way through Bob Ziroll’s React bootcamp.


Been slowly working through Munkres' Topology, doing some exercises along the way. My goal is to get to Tychonoff’s theorem and then move on to other topics in analysis, algebra, and geometry.